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The US100: Interviews

As well as being a website, podcast, and playlist, the US100 is also a network. Jarek works hard on tapping into this network in order gain unique perspectives on the songs and their related themes, and you can browse his findings here.


‘How Can I Keep From Singing’

Jarek is sadly is unlikely to make this year’s Pete Seeger exhibit at the Woody Guthrie Center, Oklahoma, so instead he spoke to Chief Executive, Deana McCloud, about it.

Feature piece: The man who wrote the book on Dylan

Jarek is thrilled to talk to Grammy winning musician and music historian Elijah Wald about Dylan, Seeger, and US popular music more broadly.

The gentrification of New York City: a local perspective

As we touched upon in tracks 9 to 11, New York City is gentrifying at a rapid pace: Lauren Bowden is a Brooklyn resident who has seen it effects first hand.

Perspectives of a blackout

08/03: engineer forgets to restart tool; 55m lose power; Gogol Bordello write great song. Two very different experiences for NYC residents and the engineer responsible...

‘High and Lows’: Being in The Mamas & the Papas

We are hugely excited to have secured an interview with Jill Gibson, former member of The Mamas & the Papas during a tumultuous time for the band.

Jessi Brattengeier, US100 Stateside Hip Hop Correspondent

With Jessi Brattengeier’s infographic portraying hip hop’s holistic evolution, Jarek felt compelled to recruit her as US100 hip hop correspondent.

The ‘DMC’ graphic novel

DMC of Run-D.M.C. recently turned his hand to the world of comic book production. We spoke with a reviewer about Edition #01 of the DMC graphic novel.

A Bronx Renaissance?

Chancing his arm at academic theory, Jarek pondered whether hip hop’s rise could be a ‘Bronx Renaissance’: so he put it to a Professor who knew what he was talking about.