Music tutorial: blue notes #101

Ahead of an exploration of ‘orchestral jazz’ in our first D.C. chapter, Jarek sat down with Greg Harradine to explore the ‘blue notes’ that defined fellow composer’s George Gershwin’s most famous number.

‘The extraordinary mystery of human life’

Mark Andersen’s Positive Force movement was at the heart of Washington, D.C.’s hardcore punk scene’s and its conscionable activist ethos, culminating in ‘Revolution Summer’ in 1985.

‘How Can I Keep From Singing’

Jarek is sadly is unlikely to make this year’s Pete Seeger exhibit at the Woody Guthrie Center, Oklahoma, so instead he spoke to Chief Executive, Deana McCloud, about it.

Perspectives of a blackout

08/03: engineer forgets to restart tool; 55m lose power; Gogol Bordello write great song. Two very different experiences for NYC residents and the engineer responsible…

The ‘DMC’ graphic novel

DMC of Run-D.M.C. recently turned his hand to the world of comic book production. We spoke with a reviewer about Edition #01 of the DMC graphic novel.

A Bronx Renaissance?

Chancing his arm at academic theory, Jarek pondered whether hip hop’s rise could be a ‘Bronx Renaissance’: so he put it to a Professor who knew what he was talking about.