US100 Volume 01 Episode 04

It’s whistle stop hip hop, as JZ drops this pod from the blocks of The Bronx. Covering approximately 453 years (1541-1994), Jarek speedily runs us through an all-encompassing narrative of how the independent elements of rap, DJing, funk, soul, MCing, graffiti, b-boying, disco, and rock – along with some ludicrous lyrics written by Debbie Harry – all melted into the boiling pot that was to be known as hip hop.

Running Chris and BD through the story of hip hop’s three Bronx-based forefathers, Jarek then explains how Queens-based Run-D.M.C. dramatically changed the game, via a listen to US100 track 8, It’s Like That.

Drawing a line at hip hop’s golden era, the guys move on to how DMC found comic books as Run found the Good Book.

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